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Powered by knowledge

With the combined experience of 100+ years we understand the joys and challenges that leaders face.

A clear process

We engage your whole business to provide clarity and carve a path wide enough for people to follow.

No band-aid solutions

Our approach helps you understand underlying symptoms and focus on long term success.

About us

Our Mission: Growing business by growing people.

The Sidhu Group is a leader in organizational leadership development. We are passionate about growing leadership capacity wether you are a business or non-profit. 

We deliver custom growth opportunities focused on growing leadership capacity, governance, strategic planning, people engagement and specialized training. Our professional facilitators deliver with passion! The Sidhu Group services are designed to support your business through each phase of the lifecycle. Our team member’s are proven leaders in their fields and apply expertise to assure you will be able to manage change and fulfill your mission.

  • We are committed to growing healthy leaders and businesses 
  • We are committed to walking with you through your unique requirements and priorities
  • We are committed to delivering quality service
  • We are committed to your success

Our clients place a high value on our ability to get fully immersed in their business and effectively address the challenges they face. At The Sidhu Group we are growing the capacity of our clients in leading and growing businesses. What really defines us is our drive to make an impact that matters in the world. No matter the size of your business or non-profit we can help. Get in touch with us today!

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  • Public Speaking


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Consulting Services

Our team is highly engaging, powered by knowledgeable and take personal pride in assuring your success. We provide consulting services for all sizes of businesses, non-profit organizations and their leaders.

Businesses & non-profit organizations provide services in a wide range of complex environments and require high performing leadership to achieve meaningful and measurable results. Growing a business and its leaders looks different for everyone, our consulting services are suited to your specific need. Whether you need support for a specific project, thinking about organizational assessments or solutions to difficult challenges we can help you identify the problem and provide the right path to success. We excel in growing organizational and leadership capacities through our various services.

Ready to bring our knowledge to your business? Get in touch with us today!

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Online Training Videos

Welcome to our online training where you can purchase videos that will help your business grow by investing in your people. We will be offering a wide variety of videos you can purchase and use for training purposes.


Custom Designed Training Labs

Grow your business to become more effective, efficient and accountable. We offer a wide range of training opportunities for every level of leader in your business. From staff, executive directors, board members to volunteers all will benefit from our training labs.

Our knowledgeable team brings their training and experience to the realities you face on the ground level. We offer half day (1-3 hours) or full day (4-6 hours) learning labs that will leave your team with tools, tips and skills that they can apply to their specific roles and business. Since every leader and business face unique challenges we customize our learning labs to fit you. Invest in growing your capacity and allow us to help you grow your business. When we customize training for your team everyone benefits.

Some past learning labs we have facilitated:

  • The 7 Key Competencies of Leadership
  • Foundations to Giving: Understanding Why People Give
  • The Psychology of Organizational Leadership
  • Advanced Leadership Development
  • Understanding Leadership Styles
  • The Power of Teamwork

The Sidhu Group knows that businesses and non-profits who invest in organizational leadership training achieve a higher-level of results in these key areas; staff engagement, staff retention, volunteer recruitment, fund development and program delivery. After working with us our clients have greater confidence in their abilities to lead, increase revenue, deliver their mission and ultimately have a profound impact in their communities.

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Growing Your Leadership Capacity

All 8 Billion people on this amazing planet have 24 hours in a day, we can’t grow more time but we can grow our capacity as leaders to lead. We believe you can best achieve your mission by investing in capacity building and professional development.

Leadership development explores the attributes needed for those leading in a business or non-profit organization. Our leadership development Learning Labs focus on three areas: Leading Self, Leading others and Leading from the Board.

Leading Self: We help you find your strengths and discover your authentic leadership style. You will develop your own personal mission, vision and core values as a leader. Through our leadership assessment you will gain a new and fresh perspective of who you are as a leader and develop your leadership principles.

Leading Others: Developing teams as a leader is the next level of leadership development. Learn the key skills needed for intergrading your people into a top performing team. We offer learning labs and can help you and your team with:

  • Communication Skills Development
  • Managing Change
  • Leadership Transitions
  • Creating Organizational Alignment
  • Understanding the Leadership Gap
  • Team Cohesiveness: Behaviours of Dysfunctional Teams
  • Making Conflict Productive
  • Fostering Excellence in Others

Leading from the Board: With our many years of experience in leading and working with Boards the same challenges keep coming to the surface:

  • Clarity on roles and contribution
  • Struggling relationships between Board and staff
  • Decision making
  • Financial oversight
  • Measurable results from personal and departments

The Sidhu Group uses a custom designed approach that works with your Board to meet your needs. Our focused analysis help identify your needs, challenges and areas for improvement. This process will help in clarifying your purpose as a Board along with brining meaningful change to planning, financial oversight, meeting structure, evaluating staff and programs.

We don’t reinvent the wheel nor should you! Have us put our experience and expertise to work for you.

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Facilitating Your Personal Growth

The Sidhu Group works with executive leaders on a wide range of leadership and interpersonal skills. We work one-on-one with you to support your leadership outcomes by building on your strengths and facilitating growth. An executive’s top priority is creating alignment in the business. We provide coaching that will help you align your business to achieve your mission. Our coaching services are designed to help you shape the culture of your business.

Those who join us benefit from an increased sense of effectiveness to take their businesses to the next level. You will partner with one of our team members to develop the key skills necessary to deliver, beyond the technical aspects of your role. We walk with you through a leadership assessment and will help you set your personal leadership learning goals.

Just a few specialized labs we offer:

  • Self Care: Who Cares for the Leader?
  • Creating Mission Alignment
  • Leadership Coaching: Caring for Your Team
  • Change Management
  • Crisis Management
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Clearing a Wide Path to Success

A strategic plan provides the structure to make the day-day decisions to move you towards your vision. It helps you carve a path wide enough to move everyone through the “forest” together and the path behind you, for people to follow, becomes larger.

Through our strategic development process you will achieve your vision! As the foundational document to your business it will help you foster decision making and allocating resources too the right areas. We come along side you to get your people all going in the same direction with common goals.

The Sidhu Group's approach is to cast the net wide enough to engage all key stakeholders in your business. Our group sessions are inspirational, engaging and our model is simple and easy to follow. We walk you and your group through a visual process that is highly interactive and creates powerful conversations that will help define your key goals. All sessions for each step of our strategic thinking model begin with a short teaching session so everyone is on the same path all the way through to the end of the process.

Strategic Thinking Model:

  • Organizational assessment that uses both quantitative and qualitative data
  • Mission/Vision/Values Development
  • S.L.O.T Analysis (Strengths, Limitations, Opportunities, Threats)
  • High Level Strategic Plan Development
  • Implementation
  • Business Contingences
  • Developing a Yearly Evaluation Plan

Your business will have, a re-energized commitment to the mission, clarity in direction and a renewed excitement to pursue your vision. Drop us a note and connect with us today!

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Inspiring People One Speech at a Time

Our team wakes up every day inspired to change the world by inspiring others. Whether it is at a community event, high-school assembly, staff retreat or a class full of executives we believe a single speech can change the world.

At The Sidhu Group we know the profound impact a keynote speaker can have on your audience. A powerful speaker can change attitudes, inspire new ideas, shift the way we think, motivate and inform. Our team has inspired tens of thousands of people through out our leadership careers and we ready to put our passion behind your business.

Throughout the years public speaking world has undergone significant change, making choosing the right speaker has become more challenging. The task of finding the right speaker for your event can be nerve racking and stressful. Our main objective is to listen to the specific theme, topic or subject matter that needs to be covered at your event. We use our experience to customize our speaking topics to your specific needs. If you are planning a retreat, annual general meeting or special event, we consult with you to assure your specific theme will be addressed.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your business. Drop us a note today!

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Learn about our story from our Founder

The Sidhu Group is a professional firm committed to growing organizations by growing people. Our team has a shared passion and focus to provide the best consulting services from Vancouver to the Lower Mainland.

Meet our Founder


Bindu Sidhu, Founder

Bindu Sidhu started The Sidhu Group with the goal of providing organizational and leadership development for businesses and non-profit organizations. After a career of over 30 years in leadership, watching leaders and organizations struggle, it was time to step out and create a powerful resource for the business, non-profit sector and its leaders.

What to expect when we work with you

Organizations and leaders are not limited by opportunity; they are limited by capacity. When you partner with us you will learn strategies that grow your capacity to lead.

why our clients trust us

Why our clients trust us

We don’t cut corners

Our goal is to apply the best path for success for your business. We make it our goal to achieve your desired outcomes and we get you there. Our clients know that we always do what is best for them without cutting corners. Powered by knowledge we apply our expert advice to your specific need, help you navigate and assure you stay on the path to success. There are no quick fix solutions to the complicated world of organizational leadership development.

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We understand the non-profit world

Our clients usually come to us after working with another firm or consultant without getting where they want to go. We get you! Lets face it you do what you do because your heart is to see lives changed. Yet you are faced with many challenges in budgeting, fundraising, staffing and volunteering that are unique to us who have immersed ourselves in the non-profit sector. Our team takes the time to understand your issues. We care about the long-term success of your organization and leaders. Our commitment to people in the non-profit sector is the cornerstone of what we do. Long after we work with our clients they can still count on us!

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We focus on capacity building

Successful businesses understand the importance of harnessing leadership talent and taking the time to develop it internally. Only 10% of businesses believe they have enough talented leaders to capitalize on their most promising growth opportunities. An business can have a great mission and strategic plan however it is irrelevant without leaders who have the capacity to lead. Therefore, the importance of growing your leadership capacity must be one of your primary objectives. To put it another way, business transformation only happens when you focus on growing your people.

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We help our clients win

Our team comes with the experience and credibility needed to deliver with quality. We are on your team and our clients win. The Sidhu Group is trusted to own our projects and deliver results that help our clients make decisions to achieve the mission. Those who work with us achieve their goals and make a significant difference in the lives of those they serve. We build trust with you and your leadership as the foundation to your success. Our credibility is built on our ability to collaborate, work with teams and deliver results. What ever our clients face we commit to helping them win!

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Kind Words

"Through our recent mission, vision renewal and subsequent strategic planning, VCS has had the opportunity to work with The Sidhu Group and have them to be an essential partner to have led us through a mission renewal process. Bindu is knowledgeable and was able to help the staff, board and volunteers walk through a strategic planning process together. We are very grateful for the insight and guiding hand he has provided VCS."

~ Dave Hollemann, Board Chair

Past Clients

Our Process

Often businesses can find themselves feeling like a train in the sand. They work hard and push through but the effort is tremendous and the distance traveled is short. Our process from the first step to the last, is all about getting the train on the tracks. Our process assures you get to where you need to go together as an business. 

Step 1: Establish a winning partnershipWe don’t just want your business we want a winning partnership. Building a relationship with our clients is critical to our mutual success. Our team will work with you to build your trust first. The next step is to fill out our "Compatability" form. We don't like to waste time once you've completed this form we will determine wether your business or non-profit is a suitable fit for us to work with. If the compatability is there The Sidhu Group will work with you to draft a contract for assessment.

Step 2: AssessmentThrough interviews and surveys we get to know you and your business. Success in this phase is all about taking an independent view of your business and leaders. We get to know your organizational culture, specific goals, objectives and outcomes you desire to bring about true change.

Step 3: Identify Development ContentThis step is all about creating a path to success. Once we understand you and see the challenges you face we will move to identify your specific needs. Our development is based on your needs, we don’t waste time and energy, our team will work with you to get to specifics. We will work to suggest a development track with the content that is appropriate to your business.

Step 4: Facilitator and Work Agreement PreparationOur selected facilitator(s) will begin to prepare for the plan set for success. They are proven experts in their fields. This includes setting timelines to the over all plan. Each plan varies in lengths and time commitment based on need. We will also begin to work with you to prepare a working agreement between The Sidhu Group and your business.

Step 5: DeliveryThis is the major work we do to facilitate change. Our experts deliver highly interactive sessions that are specifically targeted to meet your goals and objectives. This may include one-on-one, small or large group and hands on exercises. We are here for you! You can count on us to inspire your people while meeting your business needs.

Step 6: Measure ResultsWe don’t just apply our experience and knowledge we get results. It is critical to measure the results of the work we do. Our team will work with you to assure we have delivered and place clear postmarks along our journey together. This creates a continual culture of improvement in your business.

Step 7: Follow-UpThe last step is just as important as the first. We want to know you have benefited from our partnership together. Our team will conduct an assessment, qualitative and quantitative, to assure your objectives have been met.

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